• The Trials and Travels of Philly McNoweps

    To play through Fallout 3 using no weapons at all.
    • I will be using stimpacks, I will be using med-x (and other chems)
    • I will be using armour, although at the same time I will be testing out ‘silly costumes’ if only for screenshot oddities.
    • I will be min-maxing my character, If only to ensure absolute game breaking mechanics.
    • I will at times be using the console ‘setownership’ and if things piss me off ‘unlock’ but not so that I break the game completely.

    The game will be set on hard [see following edit] difficulty. - - Edited info; I found that the game was set to Very Hard.

Damn You... tube ...

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No updates recently as I was intending to add some more FRAP's to my next post. Youtube doesn't like my video files (size I expect) so while I fight to resize them and eventually get around to releasing my actual next post, here is some bite-size update:

Bobbleheads searching
Level 20 reached
enclave @ project purity
broke the game a little so I could get Col. Autumn's coat
1st enclave kill: 1 punch dead!
Rushed the section of game from proj. purity > Citadel > Lamplight > Paradise falls > lamplight > V87 > Raven rock.

Was attempting to finish but GF came home (shock horror gamer haz a gurlfiend!!)

I'll attempt to write up a REAL update, complete with comedy FRAP's as soon as I can.

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