• The Trials and Travels of Philly McNoweps

    To play through Fallout 3 using no weapons at all.
    • I will be using stimpacks, I will be using med-x (and other chems)
    • I will be using armour, although at the same time I will be testing out ‘silly costumes’ if only for screenshot oddities.
    • I will be min-maxing my character, If only to ensure absolute game breaking mechanics.
    • I will at times be using the console ‘setownership’ and if things piss me off ‘unlock’ but not so that I break the game completely.

    The game will be set on hard [see following edit] difficulty. - - Edited info; I found that the game was set to Very Hard.


Posted by Cratchety Ol Joe On 11:05 2 comments

First off my apologies, it seems I’d also gotten to level 9 in the last session! Checking over my character info It looks like I’d taken a last rank in Iron fist (and bloody mess afterward. Not as previously thought at level 8..)

Just a tiny info bite, up to this point I’ve used 145 stimpacks and probably the same equivalent HP gain in nuka-cola / cram etc.

The title of this section relates to the fact I went about doing various missions which I consider quite tedious.

Arefu/Meresti- from start to end, using the ‘good outcome’
Replicated man- from start to end, using the ‘OMG-how-much-good-karma outcome’

I was sure I did a 3rd one, but my mind has gone blank!

The most eventful parts of this were my trip to the Arefu location, and then the trip to Meresti, both involved some good fights (muties / raiders) but I can tell I’m becoming overconfident, even though I have yet to use a weapon in this game (except that damn mole rat/stick incident), I feel a little unbeatable. The source of this is clearly the VATS / Pipboy-heal combo. In fact, I’m pretty much sure I don’t need to actually play out the remainder of the game; the combats are becoming incredibly repetitive, more so than any time I’ve used guns! The poorly animated ‘unarmed’ combat couple with the fact I have to watch most of my attacks at 1/100th normal speed I’m becoming bored more quickly by the game as there is little variation in what I have to do now… at least with different guns I can pick the one I like the look of, and enjoy the small visual variation of my combat.

I managed to fall into Big Town, and loot it of all it has (I did a lot of looting in this session, lots of bent tin cans etc etc…) sadly I now have the little trouble blah-de-blah quest now in my quest log, which means I’ll no doubt go and do that.

On a good note: actually... quite an awesome note. I found Dogmeat! For the 1st time in FO3 I find the ‘surely this recycled character has no place here’ NPC, but aside from that, the fact that Dogmeat is an Unarmed fighter and I thought it’d be a great little addition to this game run-through.

Just for some reference: here’s what my Skills look like:

The red shaded ones (thanks to my 1337 picture editing skillz) are skills which I've never upgraded on this character. as you can see, this was my Level 10! sadly due to mind-blanky goodness, I cant recall what perk I took, there is a good chance it was Strong Back (an attempt to make my looting more profitable to keep me stocked with stimpacks).


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  1. Anonymous says:

    If You have such disdain for this game, why play it so much?

  2. It's not that I hate the game per se, the game engine is quite nice but as a fan of proper RPG games this so called 'RPG game of the year' pisses me off right royally, as a dodgy FPS, fair enough, but as an RPG? No way. Hence why I'm enjoying picking the game apart. I may not be playing it as Bethesda wanted, but I'm still playing it in a fashion!