• The Trials and Travels of Philly McNoweps

    To play through Fallout 3 using no weapons at all.
    • I will be using stimpacks, I will be using med-x (and other chems)
    • I will be using armour, although at the same time I will be testing out ‘silly costumes’ if only for screenshot oddities.
    • I will be min-maxing my character, If only to ensure absolute game breaking mechanics.
    • I will at times be using the console ‘setownership’ and if things piss me off ‘unlock’ but not so that I break the game completely.

    The game will be set on hard [see following edit] difficulty. - - Edited info; I found that the game was set to Very Hard.

Chapter El Cinqo.

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After the poor showing in my previous session, I decided to take a more cautionary approach. This time I went straight from Rivet City swam the bay, ran away from the ‘lurks and pas the few Talon in the area, straight to the library. Then, having now gained a new warp point, I spent some time hooving out all the loot the library could yield (raiders loot, books, anything not nailed down) because of the over zealous AI the brotherhood paladins which you find fighting the raiders decided to turn on me, so I beat them up with MY BARE FISTS!!!! Serious game-play WTF… I knocked out a guy in power amour?! With the library stripped bare and any trader I have access to now cleaned out of stim’s but seemingly overflowing with supplies of ‘small burnt book’ I decided to take the trek to Arefu (this may seem somewhat off course from the games plot, but I decided I’d finish ANY mission that gets logged on my quests list.) on route (under the bridge, you know the one…) I find some outcasts fighting a good number of raiders, I kill all the raiders seemingly single-handedly about a dozen of them… and then find that the power armour clad, laser rifle wielding outcasts had been killed by the raiders while I was fighting, This game continues to take ‘believable’ wasteland and smothers it with a layer of what-in-the-hairy-fuck?! Lightly armed raiders beat highly trained well armed outcasts?!? Ok, it was like 12 vs 3 but come on really?! One of those outcasts should have at least killed 4 raiders before being butt-raped… but no... Instead its up to me unarmed to kill all the raiders.

Ignoring this annoying little encounter, I manage to get to Arefu… oh yeah, and I beat up a Yao Guai on the way.

I’m pretty sure I may get so annoyed at this ridiculous game that I’m gonna give up playing, but I’ll persevere until such time as my no weapons run though reaches its natural end (natural events now also include a certain DVD disk being rammed into my paper shredder).

I got to Arefu, went past the introduction rigmarole and then after trading away some of my ever increasing loot pile, saved the game.

During this run, I managed to go up to Level 8, taking ‘bloody mess’ for further increased damage and increasing my non-combat skills somewhat.


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