• The Trials and Travels of Philly McNoweps

    To play through Fallout 3 using no weapons at all.
    • I will be using stimpacks, I will be using med-x (and other chems)
    • I will be using armour, although at the same time I will be testing out ‘silly costumes’ if only for screenshot oddities.
    • I will be min-maxing my character, If only to ensure absolute game breaking mechanics.
    • I will at times be using the console ‘setownership’ and if things piss me off ‘unlock’ but not so that I break the game completely.

    The game will be set on hard [see following edit] difficulty. - - Edited info; I found that the game was set to Very Hard.

Chaper Seven ... (I think it's seven)

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Another big one today: mostly looting *ho hum*. I begin at tenpenny (being that was the last place the game auto-saved) from there I warp to super-duper mart and cross the river, ambushed by some raiders on the opposite bank I VAT’s my way to happiness and deliver 5 fingers of hurt to each of them. Level 15 then pop’s up and greets me so I go about leveling up choosing +1 Luck via intensive training, critical effects often being what I rely on for damage from my punchy ways.

Around the corner I find three mad brahmin, and kill them each with 1 punch! (and no chem help or anything!) I dive into Farragut West metro and dispatching the occasional ghoul. As a point of interest, I’ve previously noted that  when I use VATS my character often ‘travels’ to the enemy before the attack is made. Only a short distance, but a notable effect. As such I found I could ‘teleport’ past a locked gate in order to attack some ghouls what a handy cheat!

Much wandering later and more tin-cans than is reasonable for one person to be picking up… I find myself in Chevy Chase North. I instantly war around to various places to offload my loot (Megaton, Rivet City, Tenpenny Tower) then I help the BoS kill off the mutants in the school. Don’t believe the BoS, they’re basically liars; check out the screeny…

Then after sorting out a glitch which saw my character locked into a school desk it was time to deal with *drumroll* The BEHEMOTH! Its been a long time coming and I was a little weary of this one fight, having no guns is simple when the things you’re fighting are the same size and tend not to kill you in two hits. My confidence in running toward things and hitting VATS has grown quite a bit however, so, I chem. Up with just about everything going: med-X proving essential as the big B has a hellava whack (almost a one shot deal with no med-X), psycho for the extra damage boost, jet for the action points then after a quick tussle as I kinda expected (although I was about 50/50 on the outcome) one dead behemoth! It was knocked out 4 times in the fight and I used about 9 or 10 stims (in 3 separate doses) because I touched the GNR door before the intercom, the BoS instantly thought I was a baddy (yay for super AI writing here…) and all opened fire on me, thankfully I’d F5’d just prior to the behemoth so in some odd ‘proving I can do it’ kind of way I have to kill it all over again with pretty much the same kinda outcome in terms of KO’s and stims.

7-cat, umm no, that’s not his name… uhh what is it… 5-mouse ? 318-platipus ? OOOH I remember thu-reeeeeeeeei daaawwwwwg (good lord I get fed up of hearing that) does the honorable thing and asks me to risk life and limb for a new transmitter. I take the back door out, head through Dupont Circle killing raiders as I go and having to do another warp around all my known traders to offload crap. I warp back into Dupont, finish off the remaining raiders and surprise, surprise… Level 16 I choose Action Girl opening up even more action points for my punchy punchy VAT’s fun times. Diving into the metro system again I end up at Pennsylvania Ave. heading to the Mall, many ghouls, mutants and raiders falling to my now improved VAT’s-a-thon.

Once I emerge in the Mall dripping with loots I decide to get to Underworld to sell up and end the day on. Finding my path blocked by some dozen or so mutants, Mutant Brutes and a couple of Mutant Masters… chem up! VAT’s on! some time later: dead muties… almost lost dogmeat thanks to the two minigun wielding mutants and the missile launcher mutant but I managed to save him by jabbing a stimpack into him just in time. So I sell up all I have, clean out the mess that I left all over the Mall and then warp back to megaton and save the game for the day.

And this time, the game didn’t crash!


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